Welcome to The Connection Zone

Our mission is to promote dynamic interaction, communication and relationships for people with neurodevelopmental disorders to increase their sense of competence and participation in daily life.

The Connection Zone services are delivered in a Family Centred model of practice.
In a family centred practice model parents are identified as knowing their children and family best and are seen as central in achieving what’s best for them. Best outcomes for children and families are gained when parents and professionals acknowledge and value each other’s expertise, and combine their knowledge to devise strategies to meet the child’s needs.                    (Tim Moore, 2007)

The Connection Zone provides a home for Relationship Development Intervention® (RDI®) Services on the northside of Brisbane. “Relationship Development Intervention® is a research-driven, parent-based remediation protocol designed to develop an individual’s dynamic intelligence, and rehabilitate the core deficits of Autism such that they no longer present an obstacle to the attainment of a long-term quality of life. ”
Communication begins at birth and is shaped and developed through social interactions with a child’s primary caregivers.  The RDI® Family Consultation Program empowers parents to effectively guide their child towards real world competence.  It provides a comprehensive, structured, family centred approach to support the development of a child’s dynamic communication and thinking skills.

Signs that your child may benefit from our services

  • You have to compensate a lot to do things together – heavy prompting, talking or constant supervision
  • Your child doesn’t stay with you, but often runs away and is difficult to play with
  • When presented with something new or different your child may have difficulty self-regulating their emotions or may withdraw from the situation.
  • Your child doesn’t seem to notice or care about other people’s emotional states – they’re not reading the emotional feedback from you.
  • Your child becomes upset easily and is difficult to calm
  • You need to ‘walk on eggshells’, make adjustments to normal daily life and avoid going places or doing things that other families do as a way of keeping your child calm and happy.
  • Speech Pathology Services are also delivered in a family centred model of practice.
  • A referral is not required for an appointment. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss your needs and to determine how we may be able to assist your child and family.