Medicare Rebates
Nerida Maclean is a registered Medicare provider for Speech Pathology services.

FaHCSIA Funding
Connect and Relate for Autism (CARFA) is a registered panel provider under the Helping Children with Autism funding from the Department of Human Services (DHS) – previously known as FaHCSIA funding.

Private Health Insurance
Families may also claim for Speech Pathology Services using their Private Health Insurance

Government Funding explanations

Helping Children with Autism Package
Am I Eligible?
For the Autism package:
The child must have a management plan from a paediatrician or psychiatrist before their 13th birthday.

For the early intervention payments:
The child must have seen an Autism Advisor before their 6th birthday to be eligible to access this funding.

What is the package about?
Services are available for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) or any other pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) such as Rett’s Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome or childhood disintegrative disorder.

What does this entitle me to receive?

  • You will receive access to services from the panel of Early Intervention Service Providers.
  • $12,000 in funding is provided under the early intervention component and can be used until the child’s 7th birthday (with a maximum of $6,000 per financial year).
  • Up to 35% of the child’s early intervention funding may be used to purchase resources (with a maximum of $2,100 per financial year or $4,200 in total). These resources must be assessed by an Early Intervention Panel Provider and be essential to the child’s therapy.
  • Services from paediatricians and psychiatrists are provided to
    diagnose and develop a management plan for the child under 13
    years of age.
  • You may have access to services from Speech pathologists among others.

These professionals may provide:

  • up to four assessment services in total per
  • child at the request of the diagnosing paediatrician or
  • psychiatrist; these must occur prior to the child’s 13th birthday
  • up to 20 treatment services in total per child; these services must be provided before the child’s 15th birthday

Up to 20 treatment sessions!
How do I access this?
Early intervention funding:

  • Contact an Autism Advisor who will provide information regarding eligibility, available funding and other support services.
  • The Autism Advisors can be contacted through Autism Queensland.

Medicare items:

  • See your GP, who will consider your child’s condition and may decide to refer your child to a paediatrician or psychiatrist, and/or to other services.
  • The paediatrician or psychiatrist to whom your child is referred will:
  • assess your child’s condition, develop an accurate diagnosis, and create a treatment and management plan
  • possibly refer you to a number of allied health professionals during the assessment and planning process
  • invoice your child; Medicare will provide a rebate for this service
  • refer your child for treatment sessions with allied health professionals

The Raising Children Network (RCN) ASD website resources:
Visit to find information, online resources and interactive functions to support parents, families, carers and professionals.

Are there any restrictions?

  • Only one treatment and management plan for autism/PDD will be rebated by Medicare for each child.
  • The plan must be in place before the child’s 13th birthday.
  • Allied health professionals must be registered with Medicare Australia and be working within a private practice.
  • If your child has already been provided with services under the Better Start for Children with Disability Initiative, they are not entitled to this package.

Where can I go if I need further information?

  • Call the Helping Children with Autism Inquiry line on 1800 778 581 or Autism Queensland Inc 1800 428 847 or (07) 3273 0000
  • Call Medicare Australia on 132 011
  • Send enquiries by email to
  • Visit the website:
  • Visit the Medicare website:
  • Published October 2011

Chronic Disease Management Plan
Am I Eligible?
Your child must…

  • be an Australian Citizen
  • be enrolled under Medicare Australia
  • have a chronic disease or complex care needs being managed by a GP

What does this entitle me to receive?

  • Your GP will nominate the number of sessions your child will receive.
  • You may receive up to five (5) sessions per calendar year.
  • The five sessions may cover one type of service (e.g. speech pathology) or a combination of different types of services including Speech Pathologist.
  • You remain eligible for rebates while your child is being managed
    under this plan and the need for eligible services continues to be
  • You will receive a rebate of approximately $50.95 per

How do I access this?
Talk to your GP as they will arrange your referral

Are there any restrictions?

  • Under this plan, speech therapy sessions must be delivered to the individual child in person and be at least 20 minutes long.
  • Private health insurance benefits may not be used in conjunction with the Medicare rebate.
  • The speech pathologist must be registered with Medicare.Where can I go if I need further information?
  • Talk to your local GP.
  • Call Medicare Australia on 132 150 for enquiries.
  • Visit the Medicare website at for more information.

How to Pay
By Cash or cheque
By Internet Transfer