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Nerida Maclean
Nerida MacleanRDI Program Certified Consultant
• Member of Speech Pathology Australia No 18754
• Current member of the Professional Self Regulation (PSR) Program, and a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist.
• Certified Relationship Development Intervention Consultant (5 years)
• Member of Connect and Relate for Autism Inc (CARFA) CARFA is a consortium of RDI Certified Consultants registered as panel providers under Helping Children with Autism FaHCSIA Funding
• Member of the Association of RDI Consultants Australia
• member of the Australian Group on Severe Communication Impairment (AGOSCI) since the 1980s
• Hanen Program Certified (It Takes Two To Talk & More Than Words)
• PROMPT trained
• 1, 2, 3, Magic and Emotion Coaching certification

About Me

Nerida Maclean is the founder and Manager of The Connection Zone

As a Speech Language Pathologist, I have many years experience in supporting families who have a child with complex communication needs. I graduated from the University of Queensland in the 1980s and began my career at the Cerebral Palsy League providing school based, home based, outreach and rural services to children and their families.

I have worked extensively with a range of intervention strategies to develop each child’s capacity to understand language and express their thoughts and feelings effectively.  I have many years of experience in the provision of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) strategies to assist children with speech and language delays.  I enjoy learning about technology and problem solving within a team to support a person to become a competent and more independent communicator.

Helping families to modify the communication environment for their child, promotes rewarding interactions, reduces stress and frustration and paves the way to developmental progress. I have always practised a family centred model of intervention, whereby parents are empowered to understand their child’s needs and implement changes in their daily communication and interaction style.

I became aware of the Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) Program while working in an early intervention service and immediately saw the value and relevance of this approach for families.  From my early self-directed learning about RDI in 2005 through to mid 2009 when I completed my training at the Connections Centre in Houston, Texas, I have witnessed many children’s remarkable journeys.

I continue to see the benefits of implementing RDI in both my professional work and family life.  The resulting improvements in children’s communication, interaction skills and social competence results in a better quality of life for everyone involved. Helping to build a sense of competence within parents and children promotes engagement and participation in everyday life. Seeing these changes motivated me to work privately with families who wish to be key facilitators in their child’s intervention.

In late 2014, I moved my private practice to a community setting in Zillmere, Brisbane. The Connection Zone is a space where parents can find out more information about Relationship Development Intervention. This venue allows me to offer individual appointments, group programs, dyad sessions, parent support meetings and training events.