What is Relationship Development Intervention?

Dr Gutstein, founder of the RDI Program explains the development of the Relationship Development Intervention Program.

A Family’s Journey with RDI

Parents use video to record their interactions and learn about their thinking and decision making as they restore the guiding relationship with their child. Videos are shared with the family’s RDI Consultant to help guide them towards competence. This video has been created from the family’s RDI Program clips showing their child’s progress over 2 years.

RDI Services

Relationship Development Intervention® – (RDI®)
Individual parents and professionals may subscribe to the on-line RDI Community for a monthly fee.

Families who wish to participate in the Family Consultation Program by working with an RDI® Consultant must pay a monthly subscription to access the on-line program resources, complete assignments, communicate their progress and receive feedback

Working with an RDI® Consultant involves getting to know your child and family, gathering background information, financial discussions and setting up your family’s on-line RDI® account, so you can learn at your own pace.

* Initial Family Consultation Program Set Up 
Parent Questionnaire,
Negotiation of Contract and Fees
Medical History Review/reports

* A Baseline Relationship Development Assessment (RDA) is conducted during the early stages of the Family Consultation Program. The Baseline RDA is a clinically validated assessment tool that requires both parents to spend approximately 40 minutes each interacting with their child using set materials. The Guiding RDA is the way we analyse the state of the Guided Participation Relationship in RDI®.  It is an opportunity for the RDI® consultant to observe your child interacting with each adult guide, while doing a range of standard interaction based activities. It is also how we measure your family’s progress over time. The full assessment usually takes about 2 hours in total, but it is not difficult for you or your child to do.

* RDI® Program Consultation
An initial contract is negotiated which covers the agreed period of consultation.
Intensive Band – Monthly Consultation Fee includes 2 x 1 hour long face to face meetings per month and 2 hours preparation and feedback time spent on-line, unlimited phone and e-mail contact.

Alternatively, the service may be delivered face to face or via Telehealth sessions at the family’s pace.
Light Band – Veteran families arrange consultation sessions as needed.

* Dyad Sessions – Once children experience a successful guiding relationship at home with their parents, it is possible to provide them with the opportunity to elaborate their social competence in one to one sessions with a suitably matched peer. These sessions may be arranged during the school holidays in blocks of 4 to 6 sessions – each 1 hour long. Sessions are videotaped and edited feedback is provided to parents.

Distance Families may access RDI and Speech Pathology Services using Zoom consultations. If you live outside Brisbane, please contact us to enquire about how we might be able to engage with your family to support your child’s growth and development.

If you are concerned about finances, please discuss your needs as the program intensity, frequency and length of meetings may be able to be customised to suit your family circumstances.

* Consultancy Visits and Staff Training (POA)
Interested professionals can contact us to arrange visits to your setting to share information about ;
•    individual children,
•    using principles of the guiding relationship for learning
•    social competence and relationship skill development
•    dynamic communication and thinking
•    the RDI Program and training to become a certified consultant